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Hap Aziz

Hap Aziz, Ed.D., is the director of learning at AdventHealth. His vast experience includes transforming learning through play as an educator, interactive experience designer, and learning technology visionary. He has worked extensively to invent new ways of providing compelling experiences for adult learners in both physical and virtual learning spaces through the implementation of serious play technologies. Hap has partnered with dozens of colleges and universities to launch complete learning management ecosystems, online academic programs, and professional development training that considers pedagogy through the lens of narrative, interactivity, and engagement. Hap has served on the Board of the International Game Developers Association and launched the first game design degree program at Full Sail University. He has designed, advised, and managed digital design, game, and technology programs at several higher education institutions. An accomplished speaker on learning and play, Hap presents at conferences and appears on television to discuss learning and technology topics of the day.

Recent Posts

6 Strategies to Become a Better On-the-Job Learner

on Mar 20, 2018 4:33:20 PM By | Hap Aziz | 2 Comments | career tips professional development learning
More than ever, achieving success in your career requires the ability to learn new skills. Today’s jobs are often very technology dependent, and employers expect you to master tools and techniques that you’ve had little, if any, previous experience with. Are you up to the challenge? If so, these six strategies can help you become a better on-the-job learner. They aren’t necessarily difficult, but they do take consistent practice to lead to success. 
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