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Graduate Nurses Summer Series Part 3

on Aug 17, 2020 12:52:08 PM By | AdventHealth | 0 Comments | Graduate Nurse Summer Series
Your Safety in the Workplace  
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Graduate Nurses Summer Series Part 2

on Jul 13, 2020 11:41:48 AM By | AdventHealth | 2 Comments | Graduate Nurse Summer Series
1001 Opportunities in Nursing  
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Graduate Nurses Summer Series

on Jun 25, 2020 10:13:45 AM By | AdventHealth | 2 Comments | Graduate Nurse Summer Series
Your Professional Growth as a Graduate Nurse Starts Now!
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Careers Podcast | Nursing Student Series | Ep 1

on Jun 12, 2020 11:11:00 AM By | Nerissa Rampersad, MHA | 4 Comments | nurse residency Resume Career Graduate Nurse
Nursing Student Series  Episode 1: Building Your Resume (10:06) This podcast series dedicated to nursing students and graduates as they navigate through preparing for life after college and finding their first job as a new nurse.
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Thank You to Our Heroes

on Apr 8, 2020 5:57:11 PM By | Ariane Hernandez | 5 Comments | Nurses Stories Career
Over the past several weeks, we’ve witnessed a global pandemic that has raised a humanitarian challenge that continues to evolve daily. While it’s been difficult, it also has been heartening to see our teams rise to the occasion to care for the communities we serve at a time of critical need. A group of everyday heroes – from tech support to environmental services, all the way to our health care professionals. We come together as one to extend the healing ministry of Christ.
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Beyond Bedside: I am an Oncology PCU Nurse

on Jan 28, 2020 2:30:13 PM By | Ariane Hernandez | 2 Comments | Nurses Spotlight
A common myth that we often hear from graduate nurses and a few experienced nurses is that being an Oncology PCU nurse is depressing. Turns out, that statement is a myth. Being an oncology nurse is inspiring. You get to be part of someone’s journey, sitting front row with their loved ones cheering them on! Sure, there are days when it can get very difficult and overwhelming, but what nursing specialty isn’t? Choosing to become a nurse comes with challenges but the personal rewards you gain outweigh the tough days. To help give you a better perspective of what it’s like to be an oncology nurse, we interviewed Kelly Cronin, nurse manager at AdventHealth Winter Park and Katherine Long from AdventHealth Altamonte Springs.
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Career Advice from Female Leaders

on Dec 30, 2019 2:04:50 PM By | Ariane Hernandez | 2 Comments | Women Career
We reached out to five female leaders across the organization and asked, what career advice would you give to women who are considering a career at AdventHealth and this what they said...
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AdventHealth Honored as one of the 2019 Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America®

on Dec 10, 2019 2:22:35 PM By | AdventHealth | 1 Comment | Spotlight
AdventHealth has been recognized as one of the Healthiest 100 Workplaces in America, an awards program administered by Springbuk®.
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The Importance of Networking

on Nov 27, 2019 9:30:00 AM By | Jennifer Vaccaro | 2 Comments | career tips Career
When was the last time you got excited about networking with people you didn’t know? Rarely? Never? Well, same. However, it's an important piece of your career that you can constantly be growing and improving. Networking or getting to know others within your department/organization and outside of it can lead to wonderfully unexpected outcomes.
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Celebrating Differences in Healthcare

on Nov 26, 2019 9:51:49 AM By | AdventHealth | 1 Comment |
Terry Shaw, CEO of AdventHealth had the opportunity to contribute to a guest column in Modern Healthcare about the importance of an inclusive culture. In the article, he shares his past experiences and embraces that our differences makes us stronger and greater as a whole. 
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