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Through our Leadership Development program — available to students and recent graduates — we seek to recruit, train and retain business students with demonstrated leadership abilities and a desire to work in a Seventh-day Adventist health care organization.


Summer Internship


Our 12-week immersive internship experience will help you learn about the exciting careers available in health care. The program provides you the opportunity to work with multiple departments and teams so that when you return to school, you will have a clearer picture of what you want to do after you earn your degree.

Summer Internship Tracks:


The accounting/finance internship allows students to experience multiple departments across the finance and accounting functions at AdventHealth facilities. They will be assigned to three departments and each rotation will include observation, job shadowing, and project assignment.

Information Technology

The information systems internship allows students to experience the breadth of technology focused careers that are available in a healthcare system. The intern will be assigned to an executive level leader and then rotated through several teams. Each rotation will include observation, job shadowing, and project assignment.

Management Rotations

The management internship allows students to experience a cross section of departments that are instrumental to the operations of a healthcare network. They will be able to select three departments to spend 3-4 weeks rotating through. Each rotation will include observation, job shadowing, and project assignment in the following areas: Human Resources, Supply Chain, Hospital Operations, Physician Enterprise, Marketing & Strategic Planning

Nursing Leadership
The nursing leadership summer internship is designed to give nursing students a taste of what a career in leadership is all about. They will be paired with a Chief Nursing Officer and then rotated through several key departments. Each rotation will include observation, job shadowing, and project assignment.
Marketing and Strategic Planning

Marketing and Strategic Planning perform market research and creates the organization’s business plan. Further, marketing builds new programs, advertises the organization, promotes the AdventHealth brand and assures positive community and media relations.

Interns will rotate through at least two departments of the Strategy team: Consumer Marketing & Media Relations; Digital Media & Brand Management; Business Development & Population Health. Interns will work on team and individual projects within the assigned department.




Residency Program


Our residency program is designed for recent college graduates who are ready to begin a dynamic career in healthcare. This two-to-three year program gives you the opportunity to coordinate special projects and interact with leaders at all levels of the organization. You will receive specialized leadership development training that is aligned with our mission-focused culture, and will be challenged in ways that will help you learn and grow into a future leader.

Residency Program Tracks:

Management and Operations

The management and operations track is designed to provide a broad learning experience to equip you for various roles in health care operations and/or administration. This executive leadership development program takes you on a journey through clinical operations , physician leadership, organizational strategy, business development, finance and more. You will work with senior leaders in the acute care, outpatient, and post-acute care environments to learn how AdventHealth joins a mission- centered culture with business strategy. This track provides exposure to all facets of AH operations with the goal of preparing you for executive roles across the system.

  • Healthcare operations an/or administration
  • Rotations designed around the current and future business of healthcare 
  • Leadership development classes and training 
  • Executive mentoring
Finance and Accounting

The finance and accounting track provides you with the opportunity to learn more about the financial aspects of health care and to develop your skills as a finance professional in a dynamic environment. You will experience and work with various finance teams, from accounting and financial planning, to reimbursements and revenue cycle. You will also develop an understanding of health care finance with the help of experienced individuals throughout the company, and learn AdventHealth's holistic approach to health care finance and how it aligns with the mission, vision and values of the organization.

  • Exposure to budgeting, cost analysis, accounting functions, revenue cycle, and strategic financial planning
  • Opportunity to shadow executives and directors in financial roles
  • Leadership development classes and training
  • Executive mentoring
Revenue Cycle

For those interested in the interactions between customers and financial systems, the revenue cycle track offers you the opportunity to observe business processes from start to finish. This track takes you though the health care revenue cycle, from patient access and registration to billing and collections, so that you can learn the integrated disciplines of finance and clinical operations. You will explore the complexity of health insurance plans and health care's evolving revenue model, and will gain exposure to hospital revenues by working in operations, finance. business analytics, project management, and accounts receivable management.

  • Revenue cycle finance administration
  • Rotations in departments focused on the current and future business model of healthcare
  • Exposure to operations, finance, business analytics. project management, and accounts receivable management.
  • Leadership development classes and training
  • Executive mentoring 
Human Resources

The human resources track allows you to be part of a  top- performing health care HR team designing and executing progressive strategies. You will learn how the HR team inspires employees to live out their passion and potential while adding business value to the organization. You will participate in all aspects of human resources as well as being exposed to AH centers of expertise, the HR shared services  team and the HR business partner function at the facility level. AdventHealth plans to grow significantly over the next 10 years, and that will only be possible with strong human resources leaders who can help grow and and develop talent, improve retention, create a compelling employee experience and support our mission of Extending the Healing Ministry of Christ.

  • Human resources administration
  • Project-based rotations through various corporate departments as well as facility-based HR offices
  • Leadership development
  • Executive mentoring
Physician Enterprise

Physicians are at the  core of AdventHealth. Their work makes it possible for AdventHealth to sustain and grow its ministry of care. The physician practice management leadership track helps you understand how building and maintaining a strong coalition of physicians who are aligned with AH's mission and values is critical to the delivery of health care. From people management to financial strategy, you will gain exposure to the life cycle of a physician practice, and will further develop.

  • Physician practice management and strategy
  • exposure to the full spectrum of physician practice activities: operations, HR, finance, etc.
  • Leadership development classes and training
  • Executive mentoring
Corporate Responsibility

The corporate responsibility track is designed for those who are interested in the regulatory and ethical environment of health care. at AdventHealth, corporate responsibility (i.e. compliance) is positioned as a strategic partner throughout the organization. Corporate responsibility leaders help navigate the complexity of the health care regulatory environment and ensure that AH is operating within the legal and regulatory framework. You will work alongside both corporate and field-based corporate responsibility officers to help systematize, educate and audit AH's understanding of and adhere to state and federal laws.

  • exposure to federal and state laws and regulations
  • Corporate and field-based rotations
  • Opportunity to learn how AH creates a culture of compliance in line with out mission, vision, and values
  • Leadership development classes and training
  • Executive mentoring 
Marketing and Strategic Planning

The marketing and strategic planning track is for those who enjoy tackling complex problems and leading teams to new and innovative solutions. You will explore how health care innovation occurs, and interact with start-up companies that will become the next generation of health care suppliers. You will practice the science and art of creating and executing business development plans, be exposed to a major branding campaign, and learn about the latest digital consumer technology.

  • Executive marketing and strategic planning
  • Broad exposure across AH focused on all aspects of strategic development
  • Leadership development classes and training
  • Executive mentoring
Supply Chain

If you enjoy coordinating a complex system of moving parts, building and maintaining strategic partnerships, and enjoy bringing efficiencies to world around you, then our Supply Chain track is designed for you. You will learn about the full life cycle of supplies, services, and equipment for a multibillion dollar organization from vendor selection and contracting, through storage and distribution. Supply Chain combines the skills of a people manager, strategist, and financial forecaster. You will learn firsthand about our clinical operations as you partner with nurses and physicians to get the resources they need to successfully treat patients.

  • Supply Chain Executive Management
  • Exposure to purchasing, logistics, contracting, acquisitions and operations
  • Corporate and hospital-based rotations
  • Learn about supply chain technologies
  • Leadership Development classes and training
  • Executive Mentoring
Information Technology

During this two-year program, residents spend hands-on time serving alongside various teams within AdventHealth Information Services, including web, data center operations, networking and the help desk. They also spend time at hospital facilities observing the I.T. director and assisting in day-to-day operations.

  • AdventHealth - IS Systems and Applications
  • Enterprise Application Security and Authorization Process
  • Data Security Processes
  • Network, Enterprise and Operations
  • Web and Mobile Systems
  • Two Year Residency Program
Nursing Leadership
The nursing leadership summer externship is designed to give nursing students a taste of what a career in leadership is all about. They will be paired with a Chief Nursing Officer and then rotated through several key departments. Each rotation will include observation, job shadowing, and project assignment.


Step 1

Complete Employee Application and Behavioral Assessment

Behavioral assessment link will be emailed to you upon application submission, and will expire 2 days after email is received

Step 2

Complete the Program Application

Application includes a video interview, so we can learn more about your personality, skills and interests

2020 Campus Virtual Visit Schedule

  • Andrews University - October 5-6
  • Oakwood University - October 9
  • Southwestern University - September 22-23
  • Union College - September 21-25
  • Southern Adventist University - October 1-2
  • LaSierra University - October 7-8
  • Pacific Union College - September 24
  • Walla Walla University - September 28-October 2
  • AdventHealth University - September 24




GPA: 3.2 or higher.



Graduating Senior, GPA 3.4 or higher.

Process Timeline

Process Timeline*

September - October
See Schedule for On-campus recruitment and interviews
October 16
Residency applications due

November 6
Internship applications due

May (3rd week)
Mandatory Intern Orientation

Residencies begin (may vary)

*The sooner your application is submitted, the sooner it will be reviewed!


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